June 14-16 2024



Jo, det var en grej... vi borde ses. Föreslår ett Rosendal 2024. Rosendal Garden Party är två år, fyller tre. Under den relativt korta tiden har vi etablerat en händelse, en festival, ett måste, ett evenemang med konserter, utställningar, sessions, möten – you can call me Al - helt oförglömliga dagar, nätter och minnen… Rosendal Garden Party är allt och inget. Allt eller inget. Ses: 14-16 juni


Before announcing any artists were releasing a limited batch of blind bird tickets. It's the best deal you'll ever get. Buy heavily discounted tickets. Once the full program is released, you can decide which day your ticket will should valid for. Want to attend several days? Purchase multiple blind birds!

Blind BirdSOLD OUT
  • Only sold Sep 28 11:00 - Sep 30 11:00
  • The best deal!
  • Limited batch
  • Buy now & decide later which day the ticket should be valid for
General895 SEK
  • Not on sale now
Premium1495 SEK
  • Not on sale now


AGE LIMIT You have to be 13 years old or older to visit Rosendal Garden Party. Kids under 13 (includes children with earmuffs) will have to wait to visit Rosendal Garden Party due to the volume and the rules around that. You have to be over 18 and able to show ID in order to buy alcohol at the bars.

Note: There's a strict age limit of 18 years for På Rosendal Garden Party Club x B-K on June 8.

KEEP TRACK OF TIME: Friday: 15:00 Opens 16:00 Warpaint 17:15 Hannes 18:30 Jehnny Beth 20:00 Amason 22:00 The War On Drugs 00:00 Ending

Saturday: 15:00 Opens 16:00 Sara Parkman 16:45 Bendik Giske 18:15 Shirelle (DJ set) 20:00 Fever Ray 22:30 Aphex Twin 00:00 Ending

Sunday: 16:00 Opens 17:00 Nicole Sabouné 18:30 Eva Dahlgren 21:00 Thåström 23:00 Ending

FOOD & DRINKS We have a handpicked selection of food and drinks, with the main focus on locally produced and ecological products. There is going to be enough options for everybody, vegetarians, vegans and people with allergies.

More info about the food & beverages at Rosendal

CAN I BRING MY OWN FOOD? No. You can’t bring your own food to the concert area. If you want to have a picknick you can have that outside of the area, before you go in! Always remember to clean up and recycle!

If you can’t eat something/ or should eat something because of medical reasons, let us know in advance and we’ll sort it out.

You can bring an empty PET bottle to fill with water on site.

HOW DO I GET TO ROSENDAL? Rosendal is located in Djurgården, which is an approx. 20 minutes walk from city. You can also get there by tram.

If you live outside of Stockholm, we recommend you to take the train for the environments sake.

Here you find a map to Rosendal Garden Party.

IS THERE A PARKING? No. There is no parking outside of the area. We recommend visitors to walk, take the tramp or the bicycle to Rosendal Garden Party.


HOW DO I BUY A TICKET? All tickets are sold through

TICKET TYPES Ordinary: Entrance to the concerts. Come and go as you please the whole evening. Access to food & drink courts. Premium: Experience Rosendal in our separate premium areas with its own bar & great views to the stage. Besides that you’ll also get get fast track entrance, a limited edition RGP poster and other comfy benefits.

PREMIUM: EARLY WRISTBAND & POSTER PICK-UP! This year, only those with premium tickets will receive wristbands at Rosendal Garden Party.

If you want to avoid queuing on the day of the concert, you can pick up your premium wristband in advance at Polestar, located at Norrlandsgatan 5 (in the PK building).

You can also pick up the poster included in your ticket here (posters will not be distributed on-site during Rosendal Garden Party).

Wristband pick-up at Polestar has the following opening hours: June 6: 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM June 7-8-9: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM June 10: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Note: You can only pick up wristbands for yourself. The wristband will be placed on your wrist when you redeem your ticket and must remain on until you arrive at Rosendal.

ABOUT BLIND BIRD TICKETS: Before general on sale a batch of heavily discounted blind bird tickets were sold. These tickets can be used as a standard ticket to any day at Rosendal Garden Party.

This is how it works:

  • Upon purchase you received a code.
  • When the complete line-up has been announced you will get an email with a special ticket link.
  • Use the link, choose day and enter your code.
  • You can now reserve a standard one day ticket for free.

WHAT IS ROSENDAL GARDEN PARTY? Rosendal Garden Party is this summer's absolutely most magical concert evenings. Two days filled with world stars, great food & cold drinks, activities & experiences.

LINE-UP June 8: Cancelled June 9: The War On Drugs / Amason / Warpaint / Hannes / Jehnny Beth June 10: Aphex Twin / Fever Ray / Sara Parkman / Bendik Giske / Sherelle - DJ set June 11: Thåström / Eva Dahlgren / Nicole Sabouné

PRE-PARTY June 6 the official pre-party with Sudan Archives are held at Trädgården. Separate ticket needed.

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ORGANIZER: Rosendal Garden Party is hosted by FKP Scorpio. We have over 10 years of experience in hosting concerts in Sweden. Do you have any questions, get in contact with us at

COLLAB? Do you have a fun idea, product or something else you think would fit Rosendal Garden Party? Let us know at!