California Wines

Discover California: You might say Californians are serious about wine and relaxed about everything else. Well, maybe not everything else: from a thriving technology industry to revolutionary green farming, we work hard and innovate constantly. But when you’re surrounded by natural wonder and constant sunshine, it’s pretty easy to smile. Of course, a glass of California wine always helps.

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I mer än fem generationer har familjen Pizzolato varit verksamma i Treviso i vackra Veneto – alltid med respekt för naturen. Egendomen certifierades för ekologisk produktion redan 1991 vilket gör dem till pionjärer för ekologiska viner från Italien. La Cantina Pizzolato är även Equalitas Winery-certifierade vilket visar på ett gediget arbete för hållbar vinproduktion. Settimo Pizzolato med familj hälsar er alla välkomna förbi Pizzolatos egna bubbelbar på området!


In the Finnish village of Koskenkorva, life isn't complicated. We have good barley, pure spring water and dedicated local farmers. We use nature's best ingredients to create a smooth, honest vodka. We recycle everything we don't use, run our factory mainly with bioenergy, and use regenerative farming to turn the fields into carbon sinks. Some call this sustainability. For us, it's a way of life.