About Rosendal Garden Party

Rosendal Garden Party is the most magical evenings of the summer. 3 days of great acts, nice food & beverages, art, activities & experiences. Each day has it’s own unique identity – a headliner accompanied of handpicked newcomers and timeless favourites.

All brought together with the beautiful surrounding at Rosendal, Djurgården.

We start early afternoon and end just before the night starts. An awesome evening, or the best weekend of the year!

The Basics
  • Three awesome days of shows at Djurgården June 14-16.
  • Age limit: 13 years
About the Royal National City Park

The beautiful park environment where Rosendal Garden Party takes place is a part of the Royal National City Park, which stretches over 10 kilometers across the municipalities of Solna, Stockholm, and Lidingö - from Ulriksdal and Sörentorp in the north to Djurgården and Fjäderholmarna in the south.

The foundation of the National City Park is the Djurgården land, which has been royal land since the late Middle Ages. This is one reason why the area has been relatively sparsely developed.

For centuries, the area has been admired for its beauty. Since the 18th century, city residents have come here for walks, excursions, and entertainment. Today, the Royal National City Park is the most visited recreational area in the Stockholm region.

The park has a rich plant and animal life, with over 800 different species of flowering plants, more than 1200 species of beetles, and about 100 nesting bird species. The many ancient oaks provide habitat for insects and birds and make up one of the largest collections of oaks in northern Europe.

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Rosendal Garden Party is arranged with support from Kulturrådet.