Om Rosendal
Om Rosendal
About Rosendal Garden Party

Rosendal Garden Party is the most magical evenings of the summer. 4 days of great acts, nice food & beverages, activities & experiences. Each day has it’s own unique identity – a headliner accompanied of handpicked newcomers and timeless favourites.

All brought together with the beautiful surrounding at Rosendal, Djurgården.

You can chose to attend one or several days. For each day you add you get more discount on your tickets – if you max out and visit all days you’ll get 600 SEK discount.

We start early afternoon and end just before the night starts. An awesome evening, or the best weekend of the year!

The Basics
  • Four awesome days of shows at Djurgården June 8-11.
  • Age limit: 13 years
  • When purchasing tickets to several days you get 200 SEK discount for each day you add