Today's challenges consist of climate crisis, war, inequality, and widening divides, and moreover, it seems social media algorithms prefer hatred and polarization. We aim to counterbalance this!

Could we collaborate to envision together?! What could stories about positive future visions look like? Often called utopias, many argue they are impossible, yet things could be different!

Therefore, we seek artists' assistance to visualize, articulate, and inspire us towards an alternative possible future! Open our minds to a positive future vision!

Rosendal Garden Party, in collaboration with the Art Academy and ArkDes, announces an open call to artists on the theme: POSITIVE FUTURE VISIONS!

  • The selected works will be showcased at this year's edition of Rosendal Garden Party on June 14-16.
  • These can be existing works for rent or pieces created specifically for this event.
  • Consider that the work should be visible in a large green outdoor setting, withstand outdoor conditions, and human curiosity and touch. We welcome interactive works and performance art!
  • The deadline is Monday, March 18!
  • Afterward, a number of works will be selected by Malou Bergman (Art Director at Rosendal Garden Party), Johanna Beckman (Content Director at Rosendal Garden Party), Svante Helmbaek Tirén (Curator at the Art Academy), and James Taylor-Foster (Curator of Contemporary Architecture and Design at ArkDes). Decisions will be communicated via email approximately 2 weeks after the deadline.
  • The production or rental budget per piece is up to 20,000 SEK, including transport. The artwork will then be owned by the artist. We adhere to the MU agreement.


For questions, contact

Den Stora Väven

Den Stora Väven, or The Great Weave, created by Karin Victorin, Rebecca Tiger and Olle Bjerkås, offers a glimpse into the future. LumenMind, a 'space vessel' from a future dimension, opens its 'Future Obsession Booth' for reflection on digitalization, AI, war and climate crisis. The project, supported by the Postcode Foundation, explores sustainability through imagination.


SymbioLab, founded in 2009 by artists Julia Adzuki and Patrick Dallard, is a mobile laboratory for relational art, ecology and listening. They invite body-centered art experiences and a playful approach to ecology.

Ruben Wätte

Ruben Wätte works with public art and uses anarchist pedagogy to create changes in the inner and outer landscape of the co-creators.

Paola Torres Núñez del Prado

Paola Torres Núñez del Prado is a transmedia artist and curator from Peru who explores the limits of the senses and cultural hegemony through her art. Her work is in the collections of the National Arts Council and Malmö City Museum.

Ossian Theselius

Ossian Theselius is an artist born in Stockholm in 1983. He experiments with many different techniques and will present a big dreamy vision of the future on fabric at Rosendal.

Anne Li Karlsson

Anne-Li Karlsson is a Stockholm-based visual artist who moves between animation, illustration and her own artistic projects. For Rosendal Garden Party, she creates a colorful mural with the audience in focus.